Sep 12, 2021

09-12-21 (06 Tishrei 5782)

Aseret Yemay Teshuvah  (10 days of Repentance)

This is a special time to do teshuvah and Hashem helps us and comes toward us.
But as the expression goes, if you have diamonds and they ae on the floor, you have to bend down and pick them up!  Teshuvah is in the air this week, we should feel on a high - the HIGH holidays!

Teshuvah is one of the 613 mitzvot.  Teshuvah means "to return". The way to truly return is to nullify yourself.  Negate the fake you and understand who the real you is.  There is an ego in me and a soul in me.   I can really be me if I attach myself to Hashem.

09-05-21 (03 Tishrei 5782)

No class due to observance of Rosh Hashanah.