Jun 23, 2019

Raize Guttman 06-23-19 (20 Sivan 5779)

Parsha Chayei Sarah - Chapter 23 – Verses 17 – 20

Even though this verse is about Sarah's death, in actuality the last few lines of this verse are a summary of Sarah's life. Sarah's entire life was one of raising up the mundane. Taking physicality and uplifting it to spirituality. Jewish tradition teaches that while Sarah was alive there were three constant miracles in her home. The first miracle was that the candles Sarah lit on Friday night to welcome the Sabbath kept burning throughout the week until it was time to light them again. The second wonder was a blessing in Sarah’s dough — the bread she baked always stayed fresh. The third miracle in Sarah’s home was that Hashem's Clouds of Glory always rested above her tent. There was constantly a palpable presence of Hashem around her.

When Hashem wanted the Holy Temple built, the stipulations of how to build the sanctuary were modeled after Sarah's tent. Sarah’s home was used as a blueprint!

As Jewish women the locus for finding and celebrating the holy is not beyond the mundane realities of our lives, but actually in their very details: in our homes, in our kitchens, in our families. By emulating Sarah, we can bring spirituality into the physicality and turn every regular mundane day into a yom kaddosh.

We dedicate this class to Raize’s grandfather Avraham Yosef Shmuel Alter ben Tuvia, who’s yahrzeit is this week. A full circle of life continues as 22 years later Raize’s nephew (who is named after her grandfather) is a chatan and had his aufruf this past Shabbos and is getting married this Wednesday. May Raize’s grandfather Avraham Yosef Shmuel Alter ben Tuvia neshama have an Aliyah. May Hashem always bring success, blessings & nachas to her nephew Avraham and his kallah Batya.

Jun 16, 2019

Raize Guttman 06-16-19 (13 Sivan 5779)

Parsha Chayei Sarah - Chapter 23 - Verses 10 - 16

In this perek, we see the contrast between Ephron and Avraham. With Ephron we see such deception, thievery, conniving, selfish, & wicked behavior all under this guise of nobility and generosity. He put on a great show, but Avraham was not deceived. From Avraham we see what true nobility and greatness is. Avraham is a person who lives to fulfill the will of Hashem. No ulterior motives. He is not interested in kavod or money. His whole life was only to do the will of Hashem and to do what is right. Mamash, they are two diametrically opposed people.

We dedicate this class to our dedicated GEM Leader Necha Golda and her devoted husband Mendel Dubinsky in celebration of their birthdays this week. May we be blessed with our hearts deepest desires and merit to be able to see the hand of GD constantly in our lives.

Jun 3, 2019

Raize Guttman 06-02-19 (28 Iyyar 5779)

Shavuot shiur

We dedicate our learning today for the refuah shleimah of our dear GEM sister Janet and to Yosef Yisroel ben Zelda (Andrea's brother). May Hashem grant them both a complete and full recovery.