Jun 16, 2019

Raize Guttman 06-16-19 (13 Sivan 5779)

Parsha Chayei Sarah - Chapter 23 - Verses 10 - 16

In this perek, we see the contrast between Ephron and Avraham. With Ephron we see such deception, thievery, conniving, selfish, & wicked behavior all under this guise of nobility and generosity. He put on a great show, but Avraham was not deceived. From Avraham we see what true nobility and greatness is. Avraham is a person who lives to fulfill the will of Hashem. No ulterior motives. He is not interested in kavod or money. His whole life was only to do the will of Hashem and to do what is right. Mamash, they are two diametrically opposed people.

We dedicate this class to our dedicated GEM Leader Necha Golda and her devoted husband Mendel Dubinsky in celebration of their birthdays this week. May we be blessed with our hearts deepest desires and merit to be able to see the hand of GD constantly in our lives.

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