Nov 20, 2021

Raize Guttman 11-21-21 (17 Kislev 5782)

Parsha Vayetzei – Chapter 30 – Verse 1 - 2


Raize Guttman 11-14-21 (10 Kislev 5782)

Parsha Vayetzei – Chapter 30 – Verse 1

In this verse it says that Rachel was jealous of Leah, but how could the righteous Rachel be jealous?  Rashi says clearly, she was jealous of her good deeds.  Rachels said to herself it is only because Leah is more righteous of me, that I am not worthy of children.  I am not on such a high level; therefore, I don’t have any children.

Raize Guttman 11-07-21 (03 Kislev 5782)

Parsha Vayeitzei Chapter 29 - Verse 35

Leah stopped having children, because she stopped asking Hashem for more.  She stopped asking, so she stopped getting.  This is a tremendous lesson for  us when it comes to prayer.  Life is  made  up of asking and thanking.  We should not do one without the other.  We are called thankful people, Yehudim, because we thank.

Our shiur  today is dedicated to our Jennifer Goodman in celebration of her birthday!

Nov 6, 2021

Raize Guttman 10-31-21 (25 Cheshvan 5782)

Parsha Vayeitzei Chapter 29 - Verse 32 - 34

Leah does a chesbon (an accounting)She knew that there would be 12 tribes/ 12 sons.  She  knew that Yaakov would  have 4 wives & they would have 3 sons each.   However,  Leah did conceive 5 sons, Reuben, Simeon, Levi,  Issachar, and Zebulun. Then she had a 6th son and then stopped. The Angel Gabriel took him up to Hashem and He named him Yehuda. In giving birth to Yehuda she got more than her share. She was overcome with gratitude.  Jews are called Yehudim because our essence is to thank.  Life is a gift and whatever we get it a gift.

Raize Guttman 10-24-21 (18 Cheshvan 5782)

Parsha Vayeitzei Chapter 29 - Verse 26-31 

Yaakov asks Lavan why he tricked him? He answers that he did not trick him, it is the custom in his town. he does not give responsibility. There is not righteous person in the world, we all sin. But there are two things we can do after we sin. We can take responsibility and say you made a mistake. Or you can say it is not my fault, I did nothing wrong, and that is it. 

Rachel waited 7 full years for Yaakov and then realized Lavan made problems and gave him Leah. She thought Leah is going to be so humiliated, and she gave away her husband and did this tremendous act of tzedakah. Her act was  so beyond nature, so Hashem changed nature for her. She was barren but he made it possible for her to have children. 

A Yid is never stuck to the rules of this world. If we go out of our nature, Hashem will go out of his nature.