Aug 27, 2022

Raize Guttman 08-28-22 (01 Elul 5782)

Rosh Chodesh Elul

Chodesh Elul is here, and in one month it will be Yom Kippur. Some of us shudder at the thought of its approach and others look forward to it with anticipation.  The Yamim Noriyam (Days of Awe) are our Jewish High Holidays. These 50 days of Teshuvah (Repentance) ahead are parallel to the 50 days from Pesach to Shavuot that occur each Spring when we count the Omer.

Elul is the 6th month of the Hebrew calendar,  a month  set apart  for teshuvah, tefillah, tzedaka, in preparation for the High Holidays ahead and are a tremendous opportunity to get closer to Hashem.

Ketivah vachatimah tovah!

Necha Golda Dubinksy 08-21-22 (24 Av 5782)

Necha Golda was our speaker and gave an excellent shiur on Birchas HaMazon and their basic rules, such has reciting from a bentcher and not by heart, and bentch where you eat; and the power of bentching to bring good things to you. 

Remember, thanking Hashem after eating is a Torah commandment., not a rabbinic one.

Unfortunately we  did not record this shiur.

Raize Guttman 08-14-22 (17 Av 5782)

We are beginning the Seven Weeks of Comfort

Nachamu, Nachamu. What is comfort? 

  • Know that Hashem is there for you and we will always be His nation. 
  • Rabbi Avigdor Miller said comfort one another, be there for one another, with a smile.

Aug 7, 2022

Raize Guttman 08-07-22 (10 Av 5782)

Tisha B'Av shiur 

Today we observe Tisha B'Av and fast.  Yesterday  was Shabbos, so it was pushed off for one day because there is no sign of mourning on Shabbos.

Our Fast began yesterday at sunset. Tisha B’Av evening services were held in synagogue, where the Ark was stripped of its decorative curtain and the lights dimmed. Evening prayers were followed by the chanting of Megillah Eicha (Lamentations).  Besides fasting today, we abstain from additional pleasures: washing, applying lotions or creams, wearing leather shoes, and marital relations. Until midday, we sit on the floor or on low stools.

We read Kinot today in our attempts to fulfill the requirement to mourn.  Raize gives us some insight into Kinnah #11 & 23.  
You may read Kinot with this link:

Raize Guttman 07-31-22 (03 Av 5782)

Rosh Chodesh Av

Hashem Loves Me Stories


Raize Guttman 07-24-22 (25 Tammuz 5782)

The Three Weeks - Mourning the Loss of the Beis Hamikdash

A sad time that is supposed to bring us up!  There is more to the Three Weeks than fasting and lamentation. Our sages tell us that those who mourn the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash will be zoche to seeing it rebuilt with the coming of Moshiach.

May that day come soon, and then all the mournful dates on the calendar will be transformed into days of tremendous joy and happiness!

Raize Guttman 07-17-22 (18 Tammuz 5782)

The Three Weeks 

The Three Weeks begin today, as we mourn the destruction of the Holy Temple and our launch into a still-ongoing exile. The period begins on the 17th of Tammuz, a fast day that marks the day when the walls of Jerusalem were breached by the Romans in 69 CE. This year the fast day is today as yesterday was Shabbos). Raize speaks about the 5 catastrophes that occurred today and some of the customs observed.  The 3 weeks are a time to get closer to Hashem because He is “traveling” and is closer to us.  The Three Weeks reaches its climax and concludes with the fast of the 9th of Av, the date when both Holy Temples were set aflame. This is the saddest day of the Jewish calendar, and it is also the date that many other tragedies befell our people.