Jan 5, 2017

Raize Guttman 12-25-16 (25 Kislev 5777)

Chanukah Class A very special and inspirational shiur. Avigdor & Shlomo Guttman delight us with some singing. What is most important lesson about Chanukah? Spirituality! Chanukah is the holiday of spirituality. On 25th of Kislev all those years ago we won the war against physicality with the tiny pure flask of oil which lasted for 8 days. The neshama will shine far past the body in any situation. Our job is to connect to the light of Chanukah, which are the sparks of Hashem created at the beginning of time. Look at the candles – stare at them - You will be infused with spirituality! They are always dancing & jumping. This is our lesson to be happy connect to the hidden holy light that Hashem hide away.