Aug 20, 2017

Raize Guttman 08-20-17 (28 Av 5777)

We continue with Parsha Vayeira - Beresheit Chapter 18 - Verses 8 - 9 and the discussion of tzniut.

Last week, we defined tzniut as appreciating your inner self. It is not just a dress code – it is not just something on the outside. It is a deeper concept. It is probably the most important concept for a woman. Today we discuss how tziniut plays out in all different areas of life and what it really means.

Woman have all the benefits of being created from man, but also has a very special message from the way she was created by Hashem. She is the only creation mentioned in the Torah that says Hashem vayeven (Hashem built). To build comes from the word contemplate. Hashem thought deeply about how he should create her. She was created from a hidden place from a rib deep inside man bc it was tzanua (modest). A woman is supposed to be a modest person. and the message in all of our behaviors is how are we supposed to measure and understand what is considered modest behavior and what is considered immodest behavior. Raize sums it up by saying modesty really means living with Hashem, living for Hashem. The opposite of modesty is living for other people.

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Tuesday is Rosh Chodesh Elul.
We give over some Hashem Loves Me Stories.

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