Dec 3, 2017

Raize Guttman 12-03-17 (15 Kislev 5778)

Parsha Vayeira - Beresheit - Chapter 18 - Verses 24-27

Avraham comes to bargain with Hashem & plead for the people of Sodom so that they should not be destroyed along with the 4 neighboring cities. In doing so he reflects true humility.

Avraham utters his famous response after speaking to Hashem, "I am but dust & ashes." Avraham's only purpose in life is to bring Kavod Shamayim into the world. That is why he is praying for Sodom. He knows that each and every person has a nashama inside. Today they maybe missing the point, but maybe tomorrow they will get it. Avraham does not feel like he is doing anything great by doing this, he understands it is his duty & obligation.

Humility does not mean putting yourself down or thinking you are less. Being humble means all have and all am is because of Hashem and for Hashem.

BS”D may we all learn what truly being humble is from Avraham Avinu!

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