Nov 11, 2018

Raize Guttman 11-11-18 (3 Kislev 5779)

Parsha Vayeira - Chapter 21 – Verses 15 - 19
Rosh Chodesh Kislev - Hashem Loves Me Stories

The water that Avraham sent them off with now was gone, as Yishmael was sick. Hagar starts crying to Hashem, but it is about herself, not her son. We learn here about the tefillah from the one who is sick. Davening for yourself is even greater than when other people are praying for you. It was not Hagar’s prayer that Hashem answered bc she was basically praying for herself and her own pain. She had contradictory feelings, even though she learned from Sarah, she still had the self centeredness being born Pharaoh's daughter.

An angel comes to tell her, that Hashem has heard the voice of the young boy b’asher hu sham, (from where he is now). Teaches us not to judge someone from their past or their future, but where they are right now.

Hagar is then shown a well of water, they are saved and Hashem proceeds to inform Hagar that Yishmael will live and grow into a huge nation. How did she not see the well that was right in front of her eyes? In this we see the famous prayer to Rav Benyamin if you lost an object. Everything is in the realm of the blind until Hashem enlightens a person’s eyes.

Miracles and nature are the same thing, the only difference is the frequency of them. Miracles happen infrequently and nature happens frequently. Everything is a fingerprint of Hashem, whether it is natural or a miraculous, it does not make a difference. It is up to us. Every one of us is blind, until Hashem enlightens us and opens up our eyes. We have to ask for this, pray for this, beg Hashem for it. Please Hashem open my eyes so I can see you.

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