Dec 30, 2018

Raize Guttman 12-30-18 (22 Tevet 5779)

Parsha Vayeira - Chapter 22 – Verse 2

A Jew must constantly be moving forward, he is not supposed to stand still. We believe in moving upward in holiness. The greatest pride for Jewish parents should be when their children surpass them in Torah and yirat shemayim. Our children, our students, whoever that we have an effect on, they are all considered your children. Being an example and transmitting Torah to future generations.

This is what we learn from the Akedah Yitzhak. It is not just about Avraham passing a test and becoming great. It's about Avraham passing a test and then passing on that great ability to serve Hashem with such great self-sacrifice that Yitzhak could pass the test too. And then they pass it to the tribes and onto the entire Jewish people.

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