Feb 3, 2019

Raize Guttman 02-03-19 (28 Sh'vat 5779)

Parsha Vayeira - Chapter 22 - Verse 6
Rosh Chodesh Adar
- Hashem Loves Me stories

We are getting deeper into the story of the binding of Yitzhak.

Avraham was going to do the will of Hashem and Yitzhak the will of his father. From this verse we learn that two people can have very different ways of looking at something, but when two people love each other, they can be united like one soul. The only desire of the soul is to do the will of Hashem.

In the month of Adar, your joy is elevated. That is why building the Mishkan and Adar coincide. It is about being one with Hashem.

2 ways to increase Simcha:
1. Do mitzvah’s with enthusiasm. Make a place for Hashem in your heart. I want to do your will.
2. Giving to other people.

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