Mar 24, 2019

Raize Guttman 03-24-19 (17 Adar II, 5779)

Purim shiur continued.

Purim is the message & history of the Jewish people. A message for us in the past, present and for all future generations. The purpose of the world is Olam ha Tikkun (for the world to reach perfection), and we have been trying to reach it from the beginning of time. From the moment Hashem put Adam & Chava in Gan Eden, and yet they "blew it" on that very first day. Amalek aided to foil every great opportunity we've had to reach perfection in the world. The power of Amalek is immorality and lack of faith in Hashem, and so the way to bring Moshiach is by working on morality (tznius and privacy) and emunah. Nothing is happenstance! Nothing is by chance! Hashem is in charge and all is for our good.

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