Nov 24, 2019

Raize Guttman 11-17-19 (19 Cheshvan 5780)

Parsha Chayei Sarah - Chapter 24 - Verse 21 - 22

Eliezer waited to see, and thought I will have Hashem guide me, and show me. This is the biggest test for anything in life. Hashem is saying relinquish control. Let me lead you, let me guide you. Let go of all the things that you are bound by, everything that is shaping your decision and/or how you react.

Eliezer gave Rivka 1 nose ring, and 1 bracelet. These 3 pieces of jewelry hint to the luchos (the tablets) and the 10 commandments. Their mention is very deep and meaningful, as they are connecting the present and the future. This is not just the shidduch of Yitzhak, but the shidduch of the future of the Jewish people

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