Mar 22, 2020

Raize Guttman 03-22-20 (26 Adar 5780)

Insights on Exile & Coronavirus

Raize speaks about the 4 exiles since the Jewish people left Egypt. Babylon (423 BCE - 372 BCE), Persia/Media (372 BCE – 348 BCE), Greece (371 BCE - 140 BCE), Rome (69 CE - Present).

People are now all in isolation in their personal exiles. We should take this time and transfer our homes into mini sanctuaries filled with love, and the for the holy to dwell. And from there may we do our own introspection. Hisbodedus. How can I look at the world? How can I change myself? Let us feel in the most revealed way, that Hashem is here with us.

May be that light unto the nations and inspire the world for the better, may we merit that Hashem will take us out of this final galut and redeem us and gather us from the four corners of the earth to the Land of Israel, Amen!

This shiur is dedicated to for the refuah shlemah for Rebbetzin Dinah bas Esther and our GEM sister Devorah Miriam bas Sarah.

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