Apr 5, 2020

Raize Guttman 04-05-20 (11 Nisan 5780)

Erev Pesach

In every generation we are required to see ourselves going out of Egypt. We can do this, because it is said that we were all there, we are gilgulim (reincarnations) of the people that were there. The Rabbinum say, all the souls that would ever be were there.

The 15th day of Nissan is a great propitious day for spiritual elevation and potential for redemption. The plan, the ability, the energy brought about the redemption from Mitzrayim.

This year we are experiencing a different kind of Pesach. At every home and at every Seder a person will have to put themselves individually out. Some people are totally alone. This Pesach, B'H, we will put all of our minds and hearts in all the right places. We are relinquishing control & strengthening our emunah. Hashem, if this is what you gave me than this is what I need. Let me accept and know you are the boss and you are in charge and it is for my good. Everyone will see himself as an individual and will be able to focus on his own Mitzrayim that he is in.

Raize speaks about the 3 parts of Pesach ( Erev Pesach, The Seder, the rest of the days of Pesach) and what we can do to personally prepare for each.

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