May 10, 2020

Raize Guttman 05-10-20 (16 Iyyar 5780)

Sefirat HaOmer - Hod

Hod is translated as splendor. To say something has a splendor, it means it has a special shine and beauty within. ie: When you look at a great tzadik, you will notice his face is shining. Other translations of Hod are to admit (to say the truth), and to thank (as an expression of gratitude). As Raize explained in the past, all the sephirot are built on the last. ie: the way chesed functions properly is through gevurah.

Hod is the framework for the middos of netzach,(we spoke about this middos last week). Hod is the way netzah (eternity) thrives, and the way to connect to your eternity is via your neshama. Every moment the neshama is inside of me, we should say "thank you Hashem, you are my G-D and G-D of my forefathers. I admit that you are the master of all souls, and in control of all deeds."

Hod is the deep appreciation for everything we have knowing that Hashem is its source. Our neshama is that great piece of eternity that is hidden inside of each of us!

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