Nov 5, 2020

Raize Guttman 11-01-20 (14 Cheshvan 5781)

Parsha Toldot Chapter 26 - Verses 34 Chapter 27 Verses 1-2 A person is who they really want to be. Maybe they didn’t get there yet, but slowly slowly with baby steps you can get there. That really who you are in Hashem’s eye. If a man dies without suffering in this word, he has no atonement, and he will be judged with strict justice in the next world. So our Avos asked for something to overcome. ie: before Avraham there was no old age, so Avraham pleaded with Hashem that when people get old they should look old. Rashi mentions that Midrash says that there are 7 things that a person does not know and are concealed from them in their lifetime for their benefit.


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