Jan 31, 2021

Raize Guttman 01-31-21 (18 Sh'vat 5781)

 Parshat Toldot - Chapter 27 - Verses 45-46,    Chapter 28 - Verses 1-4

Rivka saw with Ruach ha Kodesh (divine inspiration) that both of her sons would be buried on the same day.   We see  one of the rare occasions in Torah where Rivka goes to her husband  Yitzhak and says she is disgusted with  her life.  She is talking about the wives of Esav who  have caused her much pain, and she does not  want her son Yaakov to marry one of these Canaanite women.  Yitzhak calls in Yaakov and gives him all the  blessings of Avraham and then tells him  to "marry a woman like his mother", a woman from the house of Bethuel.

Today's learning is in the merit of Rav Meshulan Dovid  Soleveitchik zt"l,  Rabbi Yitzchok Scheiner zt"l, and Rabbi Dr. A. J. Twerski zt"l, who sadly were all petira this past week from Covid-19 in Eretz Yisroel.  May their neshamas have an aliyah.  Also, for the refuah shlemah of Tenokes bas Yehudit Nechama, and Beinish Getzel ben Sura Leah.  May we only share good news!

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