Jan 9, 2022

Raize Guttman 01-09-22 (07 Shevat 5782)

Parsha Vayetzei – Chapter 30 – Verse 22-25

Hashem turned nature upside down and finally Rachel becomes pregnant! Rachel bore a son and said, Hashem has gathered my shame, I don’t have to be embarrassed anymore, so she calls him Yosef.  Yosef  means “add on” – please add onto me another child.  She was already davening for another child. Suddenly  after 22 years in Lavan’s house, after Rachel gave birth to Yosef , Yaacov says it is time to go. He wants to go back to land of his people, his parents in the land of Canaan.

Today is the yom hillula of Raizes amazing Grandfather, Rabbi Yitzchak Hoffman zt'l, the Mekubal. May his neshama have the highest aliyah.  We also dedicate our learning today to Chaya Yehudis bas Yaakov Yehudah zt"l,(Bayla  Shoshana's grandmother). Her Yahrzeit was on 6 Shevat.

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