Mar 12, 2022

Raize Guttman 02-20-22 (19 Adar I 5782)

Parsha Vayetzei - Chapter 31 - Verses 1-2

Lavan’s sons see Yaakov’s sudden and great wealth and assume he stole it from Lavan. They do not understand that Hashem has a plan.  There is more to the world than what you can see. Yaakov sees Lavan look at him with huge anger and realizes it’s really time to go.  The meaning of this is that you can destroy someone with a look, or you can elevate someone’s spirits or reassure them with a look. Panim (face) also means (inside) in Hebrew. For example, one can radiate on one’s face the beauty that lies on the inside, or one can show the distain and other negative feeling that’s on the inside.

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