Nov 9, 2022

Raize Guttman 10-23-22 (28 Tishrei 5783)

Parshat Vayishlach Ch 32 - V 15-17

Welcome back from our beautiful Yontif.
Chodesh Mar Cheshvan Class.

We return to our study of Parsha Vayishlach.  We discussed that Yaakov is preparing to meet his brother, Esav.  He did this 3 ways,  The first is with tefelah. He davened and asked Hashem for heavenly assistance, which is a prerequisite for any situation.  Next he prepared war strategies.  He split his family into 2 camps and gave every member of his family a weapon to keep under their clothing.

Now we are up to the part where Yaakov is preparing to give a present to his brother, to get on his good side and make him feel good.  Today we talk about the gift and what he hoped to accomplish.  Yaakov teaches us that you have  to stop and reflect and choose to see the good in things.  We don't choose our circumstances in life, all we can choose is how we decide to see things.  Our reactions are the only thing in our control! Hinei tov meod (everything is for the good).

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