Jan 15, 2023

Raize Guttman 01-15-23 (22 Teves 5783)

 Parshat Vayishlach Ch 33  V 12-14

Esav is being very magnanimous says, "let us go and I will travel along side of you."   Yaakov replies, "My Master knows,  the children are very tender, and all  my cattle and sheep  depend on me, let my Master pass before me"  In other  words, "you first".

Important message that we can get along with people but this does not mean that we have to be their best friend, if they are not going to be a good influence on us.  Make sure it is good for you and your spirituality.  Yaakov knew who Esav was and  always who he would be.  A nice interaction and that is where it ended.  Don't get into sucked into relationships that are not good for us, even if a family member

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