Sep 3, 2017

Raize Guttman 09-03-17 (12 Elul 5777)

The month of Elul.

The avodah (job) of Elul is "ani le dodi ve dodi li" (I am for my beloved and beloved is for me). During this time we should ask ourselves what can we do to develop our relationship with Hashem? The way to show love in a relationship is by giving, but in our relationship with Hashem, he gives us everything, so technically we can't give him anything. The way we cultivate a relationship with Hashem is by taking. But not just by taking, but and by taking & thanking! By being grateful you give him nachas and pleasure.

We spoke in a prior shiur about the 5 languages of love between people.
Four out of the five apply to our relationship with Hashem.
1) Acts of Service - every time you perform a mitzvah you are showing Hashem your love.
2) Spending quality time - when you pray from a siddur with kavanah (intention), or just sit down and pour your heart out to Hashem - and say you are the only one who can help me. That is quality time with Hashem.
3) Compliments - Saying words of affirmation to Hashem - your name should be praised forever!
4) Giving gifts - greatest gift we can give to Hashem is appreciating what he gives to us.
We need to stop complaining & start appreciating!

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