Oct 1, 2017

Raize Guttman 10-01-17 (11 Tishrei 5778)

In our shiur today Raize speaks about Sukkot. The chag is known as Siman Simchasenu. It is a time to rejoice, time to appreciate what we have and not what we don’t have – how futile and temporary this world is – concentrate on what is important in life. Family – spirituality – joy – closeness to Hashem.

The way to connect to Sukkot:

* Appreciation – the only reason the Jewish people received this holiday was because they did not complain in the desert with the clouds of glory. They complained about the water and mana, but not the clouds of glory.
The lesson: Appreciate what you have.

* Growth / Spirituality – On Sukkot we leave our permanent dwelling and move into a temporary dwelling to reinforce that life is not about things and stuff. Life in this world is about connecting with Hashem and understanding that connecting to spirituality is the only thing that can truly make us happy.

* Giving - Achdus – True unity involves thinking about others & being there for each other. It is what it is all about. On Sukkot we go out of our own self-focus and our behaviors of just wanting things to be my way - so we are then able to see and be there for others. Sukkot is a time to say it is not about me, it is about me thinking about other people. It is not about me, it is about YOU!

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