Jun 14, 2020

Raize Guttman 06-14-20 (22 Sivan 5780)

Parsha Toldot - Chapter 25 - Verse 19 - 21
Halacha of Modei Ani and Al Netilat yadaiyim

We now start Parsha Toldot learning about the next generations after Avraham. We would expect to hear up front that these are the children of Yitzchak. But it says Avraham gave birth to Yitzchak. It seems redundant. Rashi comments that this stated this way because the fools of the generation were saying that Avimelech was Yitzhak's father. So, Hashem made a miracle & at age 60 he changed Yitzchak's face making it identical to Avraham's. Hashem did this because the power of mockery is so strong that it can completely and totally destroy so much inspiration of avodas Hashem.

We learn the ages of Yitzhak and Rivka when the married, and that they had to pray to Hashem for 20 years because she was barren.

We start to learn some Jewish code of law from the Shulchan Aruch (the “set table”), written by Joseph Caro (1488-1575). the Shulchan Aruch is divided into four sections: Orah Hayim (laws relating to prayer, Shabbat and holiday observance, and other rituals of everyday life), Yoreh De’ah (laws of kashrut, tzedakah, conversion, and other ritual matters), Even ha’Ezer (laws relating to women and marriage), and Hoshen Mishpat (civil law, including sections on lending money, renting and buying homes, and worker-employer relations).

Within each of these four sections, laws on similar subjects are grouped together. Each section is divided into simanim (paragraphs), and those are further divided into se’ifim (sub-sections).

Today we briefly discuss the halachas of Modei Ani and Al Netilat Yadaiyim. For more information, please go to https://www.aish.com/jl/jewish-law/daily-living/26-Starting-the-Day.html

Todays learning is dedicated ilui neshama for Kate Goodman/Kayla bat Shmuel (Jennifer Goodman's Grandmother). We also dedicate this class to our dear GEM sister Jennifer, upon her receiving an award for her 25 years of honorable federal service. May her dedication, commitment, loyalty & growth take her higher and higher as she follows in the footsteps of her beloved grandmother. We are all schlepping nachas & wish Jennifer continued success in everything she does!

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