Jun 28, 2020

Raize Guttman 06-28-20 (6 Tamuz 5780)

Parsha Toldot - Chapter 25 - Verse 23
Halacha of Modei Ani, Al Netilat yadaiyim & we begin the laws of getting dressed

Shem spoke to Rivka with ruach ha kodesh & gave over the words of Hashem, it wasn’t one child inside her womb it is two. Rivka finally understood what is going on, and understood the big picture of the world, that great things were to be coming out of her. One child is going for wickedness and one is heading for perfection.

Laws of waking up in the morning

1. Place Hashem in front of me at all times. Always remember that Hashem is watching.
2. When you wake up in the morning, say Modeh Ani
Lefanecha, Melech Chai V'kayam, shehechezarta bi neshmasi b'chemla, Rabbah Emunasecha. This means-Thank You Hashem, the King who is Living and enduring, that You have given my soul back to me with compassion....How great is Your faithfulness.
3. You should be bold as a leopard -don't be embarrassed if people make fun of you.
You should be light as an eagle to close your eyes from sin, it should be quick and easy for you to move away from evil..
You should run like a deer to do what is good
You should be strong like a lion to do the will of Hashem.
4. You should get out of bed with alacrity.
Don't let the evil inclination make up excuses i.e. it is too cold, I am too tired...Get up the way you would if you heard that your money was at stake or the King was calling you.

Laws of washing hands
1.When you wake up , you are a new creation. You must wash your hands for two reasons.
a. like a kohein who washes his hands before he goes to serve Hashem in the Temple
b. there is an impure spirit that remains on the hands and needs to be removed
2. You must wash your hands 3 times alternately. Take the cup in your right hand, fill it up with water, put it in your left hand and pour once onto the right hand then switch. Do this 3 times. One should not walk more than 4 cubits without washing your hands.
3. You should not touch any openings of your body before washing...i.e. eyes, ears, nose...
4.One should then go to the bathroom and wash their hands again in the same manner. At this point one may say blessings so one can say the first three blessings in the siddur which are... Baruch ata....al netilas yadayim. Baruch Ata... asher yatzar..the blessing after going to the bathroom and Elokai neshama .... If one is planning to daven immediately you can wait to say these brachos when you say all the Shacharis prayers.
5. One must wash their hands after these things:
a.getting up from bed in the morning, even sleeping during the day for more than half an hour
b.using the bathroom
c.cutting one's own nails
d. shaving hair and giving or getting a haircut
e.touching shoes with hands
f.marital relations
g. removing lice
h. scratching head
i. if you touch covered parts of the body
j. leaving a cemetery ,escorting the dead or being in the same room as a dead person
k. letting blood

Laws of getting dressed
1.One should get dressed in a modest way and one's clothing should be modest. not too fancy and not dirty or lowly.
2. When putting on shoes One should put on the right shoe, then the left shoe, then tie the left shoe, then tie the right shoe.

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