Apr 25, 2021

Raize Guttman 04-25-21 (13 Iyar 5781)

Rabbi Akiva - During this time, 24,000 scholars passed away.  It is a time of mourning. They were not treating each other with proper respect. This comes with very important message and lesson about what holiness is what being Jewish means what, living a life of Torah is all about.  It's very much about the mitzvahs between man and his fellow man. If people do "everything" and they follow all the laws between man and Hashem, but they don't know how to treat another human being,  they kind of miss the point. 

Parshat Vayeitzei - Chapter 28 - Verse 12

Here Yaakov has a dream where he sees a ladder reaching to heaven upon which angels are ascending and descending. 

Sephirat haOmer - Hod

La'ag B'omer - Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai passed away.  He taught us all the deep hidden mysteries of Torah.  We light bon fires on his yahrzeit because he brought so much light into this world.  It is hod sheb'hod.  something deep, hidden and beautiful.  Our job this week is appreciation and recognize the good in everybody.

Pesach Sheini

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