Apr 28, 2019

Raize Guttman 04-28-19 (23 Nissan 5779)

As we are turned up a notch from the feelings that Hashem Loves Us and the amazing 8 days of Pesach, Raize speaks in this shiur about the first verse of our next parsha of study; Parsha Chayei Sarah and connects this to the counting of the Omer.

Love is based on chesed. In Judaism we don't have blind faith, as we don’t just believe because we are optimistic and hopeful and don’t want to think badly. Our belief comes from the moments of our history like we read about in the Haggadah with all the miracles. Time again Hashem has turned the world upside down for his beloved people. That is what our faith is based on.

We know the Eshet Chayil prayer is the eulogy that Avraham gave about his wife Sarah at her funeral. The one line in the prayer that describes her faith is Lo yichbe balayla neyra,(in the nighttime her candle never went out). Sarah went through many, many trials and tribulations in the course of her life, but her emunah remained intact. She possessed hishtavut (equanimity). Meaning, she accepted the good and bad of life equally knowing everything is from Hashem. None of us are perfect people and Sarah was not a perfect person, but she was perfect in her faith.

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