Apr 7, 2019

Raize Guttman 04-07-19 (2 Nissan 5779)

Pesach shiur

In today's class Raize takes us on a journey of visualization & imagination through ancient Goshen and Egypt, as she shows us Pesach from a different perspective. A valuable tool we can employ on the Seder night, so we are able to fulfill the mitzvah of seeing oneself actually going out of Mitzrayim. Pesach is the night to accomplish this tremendous hitchatshut התחדשות (renewal).

We dedicate this class to our dear Chaya Rivka bas Malka for a refuah schlemah. Also, may it be an ilyui neshama for Avraham ben Moshe & Sortel bas Ariyah Leib (Grandparents to Raize's friends) who requested in their will to write a Sefer Torah in their memory. Today it was finished and it is being brought into a Shul.

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