Apr 14, 2019

Raize Guttman 04-14-19 (9 Nissan 5779)

Pesach shiur

Judaism is about having a relationship with Hashem. All the mitzvah’s we have, all the customs we have, all we do is for the goal of having a relationship with Hashem. Some people go through the motions of Judaism and keep kosher and Shabbat, and keep all the mitzvahs but, they don’t really understand the WHY. They don’t understand that there is a goal in each thing we do, and everything we do is supposed to make us closer to this goal. During the Seder we pass over to the next generation that they should want to be Jews because of its depth and beauty and there is a purpose to every single thing we are doing as Jews. Therefore, the most important thing we have to pass over is a belief, love and the depth of the relationship we have with Hashem.

Raize speaks about the 15 Steps of the Seder and how each step takes us higher & higher, and closer & closer to this goal.

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